UFO Sighting in India

                                    UFO Sighting in India

1951 UFO Sighting in India

On 15 March 10:20 am , in New Delhi, 25 member of a flying club saw a cigar-shaped object in the sky which was about one hundred feet long . The UFO hovered and then vanished from sight.




2008 UFO Sighting in India

On october 29, a fast moving object was spotted at Eastern Kolkata between 3:30 and 6:30 am and was filmed using a handycam . It shape shifted from a sphrre to a triangle and then to a striaght line. Hundred of people gathered to see the UFO sight from the sky.




 2013 UFO Sighting in India

Resident of Mogappiar, chennai obeseved five speeks of bright orange light moving from south to north around 8:55 pm on 20 June and was later reported on the local newspaper on 23 June.

2014 UFO Sighting in India

 A series of picture of the sunset  on the Rajajipuram are of Lucknow on 23 July claimed to show a UFO.




2015 UFO Sighting in India

A schoolboy claimed to have capture photographs of a UFO from his house rooftop in shyam Nagar , a suburb of kanpur , on 25 June though the photo were mostly likely created with a photo editing smartphone application.


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