Unknown Fact About India

                          *Unknown Fact About India*

* National Language of India

In India if you generally ask people that what is the national language of India then obiously people say that Hindi is the national language of India. But it is not true most of the people of India don't know that India has no national language. Gujarat High Court declared that Hindi the national language of India is not was in any record. As most of the people of India speak Hindi have accepted Hindi as a national language.


* National Game of India

What is the national game of India? We generally say that Hockey but it is not really true India does not have a national game in an RTI reply,  the sports ministry has made it clear that it is not declared any sports as national game of India.



 * Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls the famous man of the famous show MAN vs WILD every one knows him but only few people known that Bear Grylls has a childhood dream that he wanted to join Indian Army after getting out of school.



The famous electronic device USB  was developed by an Indian-American computer architect Ajay V. Bhatt which is now famous in all over the world.


* Calculus and Trigonometry 

The famous mathematics calculus and trigonometry came from India but average students of India hates this mathematics.



 * Kumb Mela Visible from Space 

Which monuments is visible from space we obesely say that Great Wall of China it is true but in India which thing is visible from space no one knows but each and every people of  India known that Kumb Mela is the biggest mela of India but most of the people don't known that Kumb Mela is visible from space.

* Largest English Speaking Population

After U.S.A, India is the 2nd largest english speaking population in the world.


* India's First Rocket 

India's first rocket was so lightest so it was transported on a bicycle in 1965.



* India's First Satellite 

India's first satellite was transported in a bullock-cart in 1981


* Father of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery origin in India  it was found by Aacharya Sushrut he was a great genius of his time.




* First Founder of Diamonds 

Until 1986, India were the only official place where diamonds  where found in all over the world.



* Street  Food Samosa

Samosa is not an Indian food it famous in all over the world but it is first origin in Asia.


* Kites 

The kites that you fly on Makar Sakranti were not invented by Indians they were invented by China.

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