BMW R1250 GS

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BMW Motorrad unloaded the R1250 GS adventure ramps in 2018 EICMA in Italy, only a few months later the standard R1250 GS was revealed.

Like its predecessor, the BMW R1250 GS Adventure Off-Road and Touring enabled. However, the new bike is powered by a large 1254cc, boxer-twin engine with ShiftCam technology. This unit produces 136bhp and 143Nm of torque. The R1250 GSA imposes a 30-liter fuel tank capacity and weighs 249kg. Which is 10-liter more and 20 kilogram heavier than standard bike.

The electronics package on the bike now includes moving control with an automatic stability control system and a Bluetooth enabled 6.5 inch TFT device display. The headlamps have also been modified and have full LED lighting. R1250 GS Adventure gets a crash guard that starts from the tank extension and goes to the bottom of the motor. Cosmetic changes include a redesigned fuel tank, Seven Port and a Brush Aluminum Radiator Guard. Apart from this, the bike has been introduced in three color options of White, Blue and Red Tricolor HP scheme with Matt Gray, Black and Gold Rims.

We can expect that R1250 GS Adventure will be launched in India sometime next year; Most likely after the arrival of the R1250 GS.
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