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Steve Jobs was a great American businessman and inventor who played a major role in the success of Apple Computers and the revolutionary development of new technology such as the MacBook, iPad, and iPod.

Steve Jobs Childhood Life

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, 1955, to two university students Joanne Schieble and Syrian-born Jandali. They were both unmarried at the time, and Steven was given up for adoption.

Steven was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, Whom he always considered to be his real parents. Steven's father Paul, encouraged him to experiment with electronics in their garage. This led to a lifelong interest in electronics and design.

Steve Jobs attended a local school in California and later enrolled at Reed College, Portland, Oregon. His education was characterized by excellent test result and potential. But, he struggles with formal education and his teachers reported he was a handful to teach. 

At Reed College, he attended a calligraphy course which fascinated him. He later said this course was instrumental in Apple's multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts.

Steve Jobs Net Worth

In 2011, Forbes estimated the majority of Steve Jobs net worth at around $6.5 billion to $7 billion from his sale of Pixar to the Walt DisenyCompany in 2006. However if Steve Jobs had not sold his Apple Shares in 1985, when he left the company he founded and helmed for over a decade, his net worth would have been a staggering $36 billion.

 Steve Jobs in India 

In 1974, Steve Jobs Travelled with Daniel Kottke to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. They travelledto the Ashram of Neem Karoli Baba in Kainchi. During his several months in India, he became aware of Buddhist and Eastern spiritual philosophy. At this time, Steve Jobs also experimented with psychedelic drugs, he later commented that these counter-culture experience were instrumental in giving him a wider perspective on life and business.

Steve Jobs Creating of Apple  

In 1976, Wonzniak invented the first Apple I computer. Jobs, Wozniak and Ronald Wayne thenset up Apple computers. In the very beginning, Apple computers were sold from jobs parent's garage.
Over the next few years, Apple computers expanded rapidaly as the market for home computers began to become increasingly significant. 

In 1984, Jobs designed the first Macintosh. It was the first commercially successful home computer to use a graphical user interface. This was an important milestone in home computing and the principle has become key in later home computers.


In 1986, Steve Jobs purchased an animation company from George Lucas, which later became Pixar Animation Studios. Believing in Pixar's potential, Steve Jobs initially invested $50 million of his own money in the company. The studio went on produce wildly popular movies such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, Pixar's films have collectively netted $4 billion. The studio merged with walt Disney in 2006, making Steve Jobs Disney's largest shareholder.


After leaving Apple in 1985, Steve Jobs began a new hardware and software entrprise calles NeXT, Inc. The company floundered in its attempts to sell its specialized operating system to mainstream America, and Apple eventually bought the company in 1996 for $429 million in the 1970s, he is credited with revitalizating thecompany in the 1990s.

Wife and Children

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell married on March 18, 1991. The pair met in the early 1990s at Stanford business school, where Powell was an MBA student. They lived together in Palo Alto, California, with their three children.


 Although he remained a private man who rarely disclosed information about his family, it is known that Jobs fathered a daughter, Lisa, with girlfriend Chrisann Brennan when he was 23. He denied paternity of his daughter in court documents, claiming he was sterile. Chrisann struggled financially for much of her life, and Steve Jobs did not initiate a relationship with his daughter until she was seven years old. When she was a teenager, Lisa came to live with her father.

 Steve Jobs Death

 Steve Jobs died in Palo Alto on October 5, 2011, after battling pancreatic cancer for nearly a decade. He was 56 years old.

Steve Jobs Last Words

 In Mona Simpson’s eulogy for Steve Jobs, his sister said Steve Jobs looked at his sister Patty, kids and wife, then said his last words: “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”
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